Recycling Game Reviews

Just a heads up that I reblogged the reviews and editorials about games from   Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail? was created with the goal of allowing an outlet for game reviews, leaving Life64 to the esoteric pursuits of a writer. 

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Why the Name, “Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail?”

Abort, Retry, Ignore? Or Abort, Retry, Fail? Are familiar choices offered in errors in Microsoft operating systems, commonly displayed with a drive is not accessible.


The same errors are sometimes displayed in applications.


So why name a site that is primarily about board\card\dice\video games after an error message? It’s a good question, and I put a little thought into the decision, though only a little.

First, I like the choices: Abort, Retry, Ignore or Fail. They seem a bit redundant, but not in the game rating system I am using:

  • Abort – This is bad. It implies that we were unwilling or unable to finish our play-through of a game and aborted before completing it.  It was that bad.
  • Retry – This is good. We will actively choose to play this game again, put it in our rotation and consider playing any add-ons and expansions for the game.  Retry is a keeper in our book.
  • Ignore – Not bad, not great. We thought there were problems with the game, but nothing so bad we couldn’t enjoy playing the game, despite the problems; i.e. we chose to ignore the problem.
  • Fail – Bad. We finished the game and regret wasting life span on it. We will never, ever play it again. In severe cases, we may do a “Burning of the Beast,” where the game in ceremonially set on fire or otherwise decimated so that it may never again lure another player into the grief playing it provides.

Second, was an available domain name.

Thus concludes my reasons for the blog’s title.  Forever may it stand… until I fail to renew the domain name.