Between the ages of 16 and 24 (1980-1988), I was a hardcore gamer. AD&D and other, more obscure RPGs and board games were a language I spoke fluently. I had a Crown Royal bag full of dice and I knew how to use it. Then I grew up, settled into a cubicle job, got married and started a family. Just this year (2013), I rediscovered how much I love gaming. I’ve been a gamer on Xbox and the PC throughout this time, but I rediscovered my love for the tabletop format of games that I played all those years ago.

They call it a midlife crisis when a person realizes that half their life is over and the remaining part will be fraught with dietary restrictions, various medication and overall declining health. This is when you look mortality dead in the eye and know… really know that life has limits. It’s not the sort of thing people under 30 think about, or if they do think about it, they don’t worry about it.

Midlife crisis are often punctuated with impotent attempts to recapture youth. Old guys buy Corvettes or other sports cars. Maybe they dump their wife for a younger woman or join some semi-physical sport club at their gym. People will do desperate things to feel younger and simulate placing death farther in the future than it really is. I’m not trying to be a downer about it but it happens over and over, and I’m no different, except by the way I chose to perceive escaping the reality.

Me, I regressed back to the time I recall having so much fun – sitting around a table with friends and playing games. So now, I’ve regrouped with old friends (and now, our families, too), and my wife, son and I are playing games and having a blast.

I’m going back to the games I remember so fondly and we are playing them again. Some of them are out of print and I’ve had to acquire these ‘vintage’ games from EBay or other sites, but slowly, I’m rebuilding my collection and re-experiencing these games, 20-30 years later. Some of the games we are playing are new ones, but the one consistent factor is that the players are not new.

This site will follow my experiences as we play my old favorites and a few new ones. I’ll cover board games, card games, RPGs, and even old computer and console games from my past. I’ll try to describe the memories and compare them with the reality of now and hopefully, this will be an interesting journey for both of us.

I am a professional old guy who works in IT in the Dallas\Fort Worth, Texas area. My name is Mitch Lavender and I’m MitchLav on the site, but you can just call me Old Guy.

Welcome to my midlife crisis. Roll for who goes first.



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