Viceroy board Game on Kickstarter now until Dec. 27

Viceroy is a bidding and resource management table top game from Russia.  It premiered at Essen Germany at Spiel 2014 and sold out before NOON on the first day.  It hit the HOTNESS on immediately and demand was clearly present to bring Viceroy to the USA, Canada and Europe.


Mayday Games answered that challenge, putting the game on Kickstarter.  It sailed past the $10k funding goal in the first 8 hours and has continued to reach stretch goal after stretch goal (increasing component quality or adding new ones).  In short, it’s already a huge success and it still has 18 days to go on KS (as of this writing).

Viceroy Game


On Kickstarter, a single copy of the game (plus stretch goals) is $22 plus $5 shipping in US.  That is the full game, shipped for $27, when it will hit MSRP for $35 in stores later in 2015.  The Kickstarter campaign closes December 27, 2014, so if you want in on it, back this one now.

Check out the KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN, HERE.  Don’t miss the gameplay videos or the reviews, which are stellar.

Yes, it is the Cult of the New, but this game has promise, stunning artwork and very interesting gameplay I have not seen in another game. 


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