Review of Hipster Dice. Yes, it is a Thing.

Note: I’m doing a straight review of Hipster Dice, though a review of something so silly begs for arrogant hipster ad-libbing. I know I’m being boring, mainstream and commercial, Mr. Obvious. Duh.

Ok, the review is not completely straight.  Whatever.


Hipster Dice by Steve Jackson Games retails for $4.99 and consists of a single, custom, faux vintage 19mm die and faux vintage instruction sheet in a blister package.

The game is agnostically rebelling with the title itself – dice is plural, and there is only one. Calling it “Hipster Die” has an entirely different meaning, so I understand the misnomer, but Hipster Die sounds infinitely more fun to me. This is Hipster Dice (with one die and no hipsters dying). So mote it be.


The package says, “Hipster Dice is a party game, if you are into that sort of thing.”

I like party games and I like Steve Jackson Games. $5 was burning a hole in my pocket so I picked up Hipster Dice. I’m here as a PSA and living warning to save you $5, but I’ll tell you what this thing is all about.

To play Hipster Dice, you will need these things:

  1. Tokens, pen and paper, or some way of keeping score (not included)
  2. A device connected to the internet (not included)
  3. Other people who are willing to participate (not likely)

The 6-sided die has an icon for each of the following categories:

  • Music your friends have not heard
  • Fashion that isn’t too commercial
  • Drinks your friends have not tried
  • Movies your friends have not seen
  • Literature your friends haven’t read
  • Food that is not mainstream and the places you find it.

Each turn, a player rolls the die and says something about the category rolled in the most over-entitled, self-centered way possible.

Example: “Have you seen Terry Gilliam’s latest movie? It’s not in theaters. He only does personal screenings at his winter home in Cannes for his closest friends. The movie is an absolute hoot and stars his kids playing volleyball for four hours. Best. Thing. Ever.”

It doesn’t have to be true, just on topic for the category rolled.

If the others buy it, then you get one hipster cred (point).

If everyone has heard of it, you don’t get any hipster cred.

If any player calls you a Poseur, you are challenged. You have two minutes to search the internet and find proof that what you said is true, getting two hipster cred if you succeed, or if you fail, giving the challenger one of your hipster cred.

The game ends when one person has 5 or more hipster cred.

That’s it.

So, who is Hipster Dice for?

True, arrogant hipsters who will participate as if it were any other banal activity. Whatever.


People who really want to spend 30 minutes or so making fun of arrogant hipsters.

If you are not in one of those categories, you probably won’t care for Hipster Dice.

Yes, I get the joke. It’s smile-worthy at best and numbingly pretentious at worst. I will say that the die is a quality engraved 19mm die, and comes in different color combinations, if colors are your thing. If you want it, get it now, since Hipster Dice has been published, it’s so out of vogue.

ARIF Rating:  Fail.  It may be collectable and cool in 10 or 20 years, but as of now, it is so yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Review of Hipster Dice. Yes, it is a Thing.

  1. Very late comment but I bought it without googling it first and was disappointed once I read the rules. So I’ve decided to play with it as a straight general knowledge game with some rules for game play.None of the hipster stuff.

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