Games Workshop announced that they are taking pre-orders for a re-release of Space Hulk 3rd Edition, shipping on 9/20/2014.  I’ve put my order in, and from the looks of things, this will sell out pretty quick.

Link: Pre-Order Space Hulk


SPACE HULK 2014 Release


Space Hulk is a board game for two players that pits man against alien in a series of desperate battles. Inside the cramped confines of a derelict space-bound wreck known as the Sin of Damnation, players command either a hand-picked force of Blood Angel Space Marines or a lethal swarm of agile Genestealers.

Games of Space Hulk are played on a gaming area made up of high-quality card tiles which fit together to create the cramped confines of the Space Hulk. Each of the 16 missions included in the boxed set uses a different set-up, or alternatively you can assemble the pieces in any way you like and create your own bespoke games.


The rules to play the game and 16 missions are all contained within two full color booklets, the Rulebook and Mission Book. There are also 35 plastic Citadel miniatures, including: 11 Space Marine Terminators, 1 Space Marine Librarian in Terminator armor, 22 Genestealers, and 1 Broodlord. Along with three plastic mission objectives models, including: a dead Space Marine on throne, a Blood Angels artifact and a Cyber-Altered Task Unit.

In addition to the booklets and miniatures, you will receive 110 gaming counters, 77 corridor and room sections, 2 boarding torpedoes and ramps, 20 doors with plastic stands, 1 mission status display, a sand timer and 5 dice.